LFC Perks

Our robust platform delivers unmatched value. Imagine the cost of purchasing all of these perks separately. With Living Fit Club, it’s all built into your low monthly or yearly price and immediately at your fingertips.

Professional Workouts

Whether you need to start out with some light stretching, yoga, or are a hardcore fitness junkie, we have an ever-growing library of professional fitness videos immediately at your fingertips. Workout from home or while on vacation or business trips – your online fitness instructors are with you all the time at your convenience.


Wondering what to eat? Want to try some new eats and treats? We’ve got you covered. Check out our LFC-approved library of recipes to get some inspiration. New recipes are continually being added!

Guided Journaling

Not a gratitude journal. Not just some random writings. Our Design Your Life Journal method is a systematic approach to designing your life – exactly the way you want it – and then teaching you how to use it to get what you want. This is probably the most powerful tool you will ever discover.

Wealth Hub

It’s not just about creating wealth, it’s protecting what you already have. In our Wealth Hub, you will learn from top finance experts on tax advantages, savings strategy, debt-free living, YL & LFC business building, and long term wealth-building. You will also have access to special programs and mentors to enhance your path to prosperity.

Lifestyle Videos

Learn more about wellness, purpose, and abundance! Everything from juicing to how to use your Young Living essential oils and products. This section covers an array of wellness topics to help you live your best life – one day at a time.

Your Own Personal Travel Suite

One of our most exciting features is our Travel Suite! We believe that rest and relaxation is imperative to a healthy lifestyle; so we’ve decided to help you out a bit in the vacation department. Every member – from day one – gets their own personal travel site where you can search for and book over 700,000 destinations worldwide! There’s a destination for every budget and we have the lowest rates online GUARANTEED. Not only that, every LFC gets $500 wellness dollars to use towards travel – with opportunities to earn more – right from the moment you sign up. Seem too good to be true? It’s that good….and that TRUE! Sign up and see for yourself.

Teams & Coaching

Our challenges all come with the option to create or join a team for accountability and fun! We take it even further with the 30 Day RESET. Teams participating in the RESET are eligible for prizes and the glory of the win! Once you have completed a 30 Day RESET program, you can be eligible to be a Team Coach. There’s a 6th position open on each team for the coaches. Coaches will not have their points count towards team points BUT will win a prize if their team wins the 30 Day RESET. A Team Coach can have several teams that they are helping to support. The Coach’s job is to cheer their team members on, answer questions, and add an extra layer of accountability and support.

Private Facebook Member Community

Every member gets to be part of our LFC-exclusive Facebook group. This group offers extra support, inspiration, recipes, education, and fun!

Experts & Events

We’ve partnered with amazing experts in fields ranging from finance to mindset to wellness to wealth-building to bring you member-exclusive weekly live & interactive training webinars.

Millennial Mentorship

Need a kick-start to life, business, financial fitness, and branding? Millennials have become our favorite group to work with – full of passion, wonder, and excitement – just like LFC! While we gear this program to helping our millennials find their purpose, go after their dreams, and learn skill sets to get their message across effectively, this section is beneficial to ALL of our members. Starting your purpose and wealth-building journey early will set you up for the rest of your life!

Y0ung Living Product & Business Training

It’s time that Young Living training gets the attention it deserves so we created a whole separate section in the portal dedicated just to YL! Learn about how to use essential oils, supplements, and the over 600 products Young Living offers AND get business training, including class slides, to help you grow another stream of income with an amazing side hustle. YL can enhance what you already know, love, and are passionate about!