Results & Love

The Living Fit Club has helped many amazing people find the person that was always inside them waiting to break free. Theses are just a few of their stories to help inspire you.

Lisa H.

"Thanks so much for this program! It just measured myself after a week, and I have lost 18.5 inches! Totally freaked me out! I could tell that I didn’t look as puffy of bloated, but was blown away at how many inches I had lost all over my whole body in just a short time!"

Jennifer H

"Since joining the reset I've had some new business ideas which happens from time to time , however I definitely have gained more clarity AND ... normally when I have an idea I throw it out there immediately. That was my form of taking action right away. WRONG! This time I'm thinking things through, formulating steps and creating marketing material / content - which I KNOW will lead to more success.

So interesting how training your mind and body around food can be transferable to other areas of life!"

Dana R.

30 pounds lighter with stronger self-esteem

"This program challenged me to change my eating habits and take a deeper look into my life and goals. After 3 months of using this program, I released 30 pounds which is more than I even planned to lose. I am now at a smaller weight and size than before I had children. I have a stronger self-esteem and confidence now than I ever had before. From the Living Fit Club, I learned all about good nutrition and how easy it is to follow even after completing the challenge."

Shannon M.

Lost 45 pounds

"I tried every fad diet, available! I tortured myself by eating "diet foods," weighing and measuring everything that entered my mouth, and even skipping meals! I thought nothing would ever work! Then, I found out about LFC! Now, I am enjoying REAL food, and dropped 45 pounds! I have also gained purpose and direction through the awesome journal writing aspect of the program. LFC has become my lifestyle, and has changed my life for the better! Now, I want to encourage everyone I know to adopt the LFC lifestyle, too, so they can experience the same results and happiness! LFC is the best!"

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Rikki K.

Got "Back On Track" with LFC

"My diet has healthy for many years and I have always had amazing energy, but through the holidays I found myself eating more than I should and I joined to get myself back on track which I just wasn’t able to do on my own. Well, halfway through my first month, I already knew the LFC far exceeded any and all of my expectations. I felt this huge surge of everything good, I feel powerful, strong, more energetic and happy! Generally, I suffer from ‘dark days’ especially through the winter, but here it is the winter, and I have been soaring! There is a clarity in my mind that wasn’t there before. I don’t feel like a new person, I feel that I am a better version of me."

Anne P.

Thank you so much Jihan! Wellness has never been easier thanks to you and LFC!! With Ease! 😘

Michele D.

"Hello to all! I just want to share a little bit of the journey i began on December 31st....

I needed/ need to lose weight. There's all this talk in the THO group about Living Fit Club. Now I am not typically a fan of taking shakes and what not, but I thought, "Self, you need to lose weight AND it would be good to have some familiarity of the SLIQUE products as a Distributor." After speaking more about it with my friend who's in it, I decided to give it a go. What is the worst that happens- I stop doing it, or I don't lose weight, or I don't like the Slique products, or all 3? Maybe. But at best, I stick with it, lose weight, and gain some product knowledge. So on Dec 31 I joined the 30 Day Reset Challenge.

In full honesty, I was not 100% with it. BUT, I have lost 6 lbs, lost some inches from some areas, am much more mentally clear, my palate has changed, what and how much i eat has changed, my clothes are loosening up, and I decided I LIKE the SLIQUE shakes a lot. I'm still on the fence abot the Nitro, but all in all I am beyond thrilled about giving this a go.

The January RESET is now done, but i am continuing on this path. I have dinner plans tomorrow where i have already looked at the menu to see what are my smart choices.

Long story short, if you are looking to start to shift your life, and even lose some weight, I strongly encourage trying LFC!!! (and if the start up cost seems a little daunting, I split the stuff between using ER points in a QO and some in my December ER order.

Suzanne V.

Lost 10 pounds & 4 inches

"Thanks SO MUCH, Jihan, for creating the Living Fit Club! This mind-body-spirit approach really resonates with me and makes such logical sense as a long-term approach to weight management! As a life-long student and educator, I absolutely love the informative videos which have served as a great platform to share this plan with others, as well! I am now in my second month in The Club and feel amazing! I have released nearly 10 pounds, 4 inches off my waist (and lots more everywhere!) and feel phenomenal! I am more energetic, my mind feels clear and I am thrilled with my results!"


"Y’all. I got on the scale today and saw dramatic fat % decrease in addition to pounds lost but the more significant thing I me was the TBW% (total body water).

Previously it’s always said 47-48%. I’d been living chronically dehydrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m SURE this is a reason I’ve flushed FAT not muscle. I said goodbye to not just the 190s so far but I’m almost out of the 180s too! I never dreamed when I was goal setting that I could release two decades on the scale. I feel so much better and I haven’t even been exercising the way the plan asks us to because I was sick with strep for about 10 days.

Today I’m going hiking with a friend and even on the water fast I feel amazing. Woke without an alarm, alert and ready for the day instead of waking with my first thought being “UGH” followed by “coffffeeee”. My adrenals are calming down.
I’m so grateful for this club!! I can’t believe it’s only $15/mo. So many people pay so much more for programs that involve obsessive counting, weighing and measuring.

This isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle. 😭❤️
I can’t even believe my results right now. I’ve struggled with weight since I was 12. This is life changing. THANK YOU for creating it and making it available."


14 lbs down

"Weight lose so far is 14 lbs and I’ve lost inches off my breast, stomach, and buttocks area!'


Best rates on travel in the Travel Suite!

"Thank you Living Fit Club! I just booked the Hyatt near my daughter's school for the absolute BEST rate!! Was on the phone with Hyatt directly because I have so many points. Wasn't able to use them for that weekend because sold out :-/ (whatever that means) BUT when I told them about the $52 discount I was able to get thru the LFC Travel Suite, they told me to grab it - they would never be able to match that price for that weekend. This Living Fit Club site & all of its wellness features are unstoppable! Love you Jihan Thomas! Thank you thank you!!!"

Cynthia W

"I did the 5 day cleanse this past week after a few rounds of 30 day challenges and I feel great! I’ve lost 15 pounds since joining LFC in October and even more importantly feel so much more energetic and better over all." (February)


"It's a great program. I lost over 10 pounds and feel great."


"So Day 5...I'm thinking there's no way I could've lost weight yet. But I FEEL different. And my clothes feel better - like maybe I could wear a size smaller pants. And last night, totally unsolicited, my husband looked at me and said, "Hey, you look different" - and he meant good different…'


"Today's journaling hit home. Friendships. For the last 5 months I've been writing about my ideal friendships. Some of my friendships were exactly what I wrote about, but there were many that were just draining me and always making me feel less of who I am. Today I read my past entries and realized over the last five months I have developed new friendships exactly what I imagine friendships to be. I am so grateful for my friendships old and new and I have been removing myself from the toxic relationships that have been holding me back. Writing what you want is so powerful!"


"My daughter is turning two this month. I have been struggling with the last 15lbs of baby weight. I have exercised and used other programs. The portion containers stressed me out and it was always difficult for me to get so protein into my diet. I am a vegetarian. I am down 5lbs this week! I am not stressed or hungry. My energy is up. I kicked the coffee habit. I feel great. I will start an exercise program on Monday. I am so excited to finally be making progress!"


"I'm doing some catch up on the journaling... But I have to say I'm loving this part of the challenge. So important to work through emotions and feeling we keep inside as well as visualizing what we want... Thanks for the guidance with the journaling, Jihan. It's awesome!"


"This program is really changing my life. I don't crave junk anymore and I'm loving the journaling and videos! Woke up today and I could feel my body changing."


"Thanks to Jihan Solomon Thomas video on how to get out of debt, I got my car paid off, now just my credit card is left and I have been putting away 20% with each paycheck I get. It is a good feeling."


"Because of this lady, Jihan Thomas, the past week I have cried till I have no more tears, I didn't eat, I didn't sleep, I felt pain in every cell of my body and didn’t know where I would find the energy to go one more hour BUT THEN the fog lifted, and I feel ALIVE! I know where I’m going, I know my goals, I know my why, the weight is coming off and no longer is my anchor. Life is good. You need to join this program. END. OF. STORY."


"I can feel my cells changing !!!!"


"As of today's weigh in, I am officially 20 pounds lighter!! Yay me :) I have to say, I really didn't think that I would be this successful. And I really didn't think that it would be so easy. I mean, yes, it took effort but was not that difficult. Having a program to follow and some guidelines definitely contributed to my success. And I have to admit that I was not perfect along the way. But the changes that I made were a HUGE improvement over what I had been doing. I have to say that I think that the key to getting such great result was in my consistency. Not the first time hearing this right? Our leaders and successful people tell us all the time about the importance of being consistent. What a great learning experience this has been. A journey into self discovery and the power of the mind. If I can be successful in this arena, I can apply these principles to other areas of my life. I am the master over my body, over my health and over my life. I have the control and the POWER within me. Of course I had the support that I needed along the way but the desire came from within. And having success is a great motivator to keep going. This has been a great confidence builder for me. Thank you LFC and thank you Jihan Thomas for giving me back a part of my self that I didn't even realize I was out of touch with!"


"Down 8.6lbs. Not where I want to be yet, but closer than I was 30 days ago! Enjoyed this journey with my team!! Thanks for all the support from the LFC group!! Set goals & work everyday on achieving them.. next goal for me is Marine Corp Marathon in October!"


"This was an awesome challenge, and the second time I did it. Great team and lots of laughs and dedication! Between the first one in March and this last one I've dropped 20 lbs and feel great. Learned to eat! Can you believe that? With everything in life, what we put into it is what we get out if it in the end! This wasn't just about losing weight for me. It was proving to myself that I could stick to a plan that was going to pay off in so many ways. New friends, new understanding and new perspective life. Congratulations to everyone who is part of this. Four months ago I never would have though about eating what I do now."


"Eight years ago I decided I had enough with the way my life was at the time. I went on a journey and decided I'd lose 100 pounds that year. You know what, I did. On my birthday I stepped on the scale at WW and it happened. But what was the cost? It was pretty high. I guarantee I abused my body; day and night. I would wake up early, go to jazzercise, at noon I would do an express workout and then in the evening another jazzercise workout. My life revolved around the regimen I put in place. I was in WW, I knew enough to work the system. I continued to lose weight, in fact I lost an additional 52 lbs. Since then, I've gained back 92 lbs. Of course I'd like to blame several life events that occurred really close together, but the truth is, I didn't know how to deal with this new body I acquired. I didn't practice using tools to work through my emotions. Ultimately I didn't know they were within me or how to access them. So when life happened, like it always does...I turned to food. Fast forward to the last 9 months. I joined the Living Fit Club for the first time. I had awesome success the first month. The second month I was doing okay. However the struggle is real where I live for fresh produce and I allowed bad habits creep back in. But now, summer has finally arrived. Quality of produce is improving. Most of all I feel as if I have worked through some deeply buried emotions. This morning I started the the couch to 10K app. Here's to Day 1."


"I can't believe how much has come into fruition from all the journaling over the past 6 months. Even just in friends and relationships. We do create our own path and putting it out there and visualizing it everyday puts it into the universe. I've seen it happen in small ways. The journaling has been a huge part of my personal development over the last 6 months. I am designing my life and future. On so many levels the journaling has helped. I have now added more dreams and goals along with the very faraway ones. What I thought 6 months ago was unobtainable, has already happened. Thanks Jihan!"


"Every now and then i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and have to take a double take...20 lbs makes a big difference."


"19.5 inches down and 20.8 lb gone!!! Ready for my next 30 days!"


Getting Back in Shape

"OMG! Just did basic core in the LFC workout tab. I'm done, I officially have spaghetti legs, yeah, that's right! Spaghetti legs for doing core lol! Great, super duper awesome workout and it was only 15 minutes! Boy, I need to get back in serious shape! Looking forward to this next challenge, been a bit of a slacker and it's showing up everywhere in my life! Back to the Miracle morning routine!"



"The journaling was, let's face it , still is, my nemesis. I did it, but what a chore. And reading it every day. Well, that didn't quite happen. But I did it. Sporadically, but I did it. And today, one of the things I journaled about happened. I am officially OUT OFF DEBT. With the exception of my mortgage, free and clear. Write down what you want and it will happen. Thanks Jihan for adding financial fitness to this program!"



"I usually always try to stand in the back in pictures well today I was with friends at an oily event and we went to take our picture and everyone wanted in the back but I stepped right up and stood in the front!"


"Thank you, LFC and YL - for a whole new lifestyle that I'm comfortable in and - super excited about!"


"I'm down almost 15 lbs since I started LFC 3 months ago, now this travel...WOW, wow, wow! Thank YOU!!!!"


"I am very grateful to you for all that I've learned. I have felt amazing and so many wonderful things have been happening in my life. You are a true inspiration. Keep following your calling!"


"WOW! I'm blown away at this challenge. If I actually shared the real things that took place in ONE week, you'd all think I was crazy! After the recap journaling assignment yesterday, I was remembering things all day today (that have taken place this last week)- things showing up randomly, relationships literally shifted, people I see all the time, stopping to say hello (for no reason!) except that I've totally raised my frequency & I can see it in the people around me!!!"


Goodbye Debt, Hello First Home

"We are coming up on one year since my first LFC challenge!! During the challenge Jihan gave us the tools and videos to become debt free WITHOUT making any extra money!! I have applied her strategy and worksheet to my life and I am very proud to say I have paid of MULTIPLE credit cards without adding any more money to my bills!! I am well on my way to being debt-free!! Also, my YL business has grown from a team of 3 to a team of 21 since my first LFC challenge!!! So my additional income has gone to saving to buy my first home, rather than just throwing a bit extra to each bill and not seeing a difference!! I wouldn't have ever come this far if it wasn't for this program!!! I can't say enough about these challenges and this website that we all have access too! It is truly a blessing!
You can do this too!! The video and corresponding worksheet is right in the Lifestyle section under Finance and is titled "Debt-Free Strategy" !! The best 20 minutes you'll ever spend!!"


"I am really paying attention to my surroundings by journaling. I am totally set free of ever counting another calorie in my life! I could probably tell you the calorie counts of a thousand different foods. I have been doing this since I was about 14 years old. Truly cannot thank you enough!"


"I just want to say your an awesome leader Jihan!
I watch other health video posts (just briefly before turning off because you teach us and have already posted what the overnight expert is sharing as "new" health secrets. LOL) and I quickly realize what a gem we have in Jihan!

As mentor you share the peaks and valleys of your success journey. This makes you a real, touchable person. When you shared about how blessed and grateful your family is to see the fruit of your life experience in the health field manifesting via LFC; I honestly felt your tears of joy and gratitude!

Every time I share my journey to a healthy turn around... yes YL is involved... But LFC is instrumental and both roads lead to Jihan. This weekend I was sharing LFC and you see the heads nodding in agreement and think wow [I sound like I'm an expert] but I'm just regurgitating what you teach. But a person googled you while I was talking and she confirmed yes LFC is real and Jihan is an industry expert! She was sold right then after seeing 3rd party validation confirming what her ears heard me saying.

I am going to reach out to the 2 that I referred to LFC and make sure they are sharing this great tool with others!

Sorry this became so long. I really just wanted to say thank you for LFC!

I appreciate your labor of love and patience and am happy that you are our industry expert and leader!"

Dana B.

"AMAZING! I've been on a journey for 11 years to find food that I can eat that doesn't make me feel bloated and swollen within a few days or hours. This is so simple and right in my face!

I love the exercise videos, journaling just brings it all together, and I'm waking up earlier and with more energy throughout the day. I'm not missing coffee or alcohol, and I plan to keep this up as long as I possibly can!


"I can tell that I slept better last night. The journaling really is amazing, and gets you thinking about what's really important, and what's best to focus your energy on."


"I'm loving it even MORE the second time around!! My journal entries are different, interesting how just 30 days or so of growth and perspective can do that. This is such a great program!!"


"Loving this program- I feel full all the time and definitely sleep better at night. My biggest struggle will be adjusting to my husband being home. He was gone for a week for work. I leave for work early and by the time I get home it is cocktail hour for him - I am saving my NingXia to drink then to help me break the habit of a glass of wine - my body definitely does not need alcohol and as I have known all along, my body's joint pain and acid reflux will disappear if I can eliminate it."

Michele B.

"I am totally amazed!
I have not measured anything or counted calories this past week.
I have exercised 30 minutes 6 of 7 days.
I have drank my Ningxia Red.
I have drank my gallon of water and YL shake. 
I have used my oils and journaled.
I ate real food and never felt yucky. 
I have released 4.5 pounds!
That was the coolest and easiest weight release evahhhh!!! 
Thanks Jihan Thomas! You have given me knowledge and tools to change my life in such a great way! My mind tried to count calories at the end of the day and thought how am I not going to gain weight like this. Lol. But I decided to trust the process. It brings me more freedom than you will ever know!"

Kim E.

"I can't thank you enough for having this challenge.
I did it because I am a single mother with teenage boys and I have a few health issues. Before doing this challenge, I suffered from severe migraines, arthritis and I've had 4 spinal fusions in my lower spine. I've been told I need another back Surgery. I am a dental hygienist and can't afford to have all these health issues at 46 yrs old. Thanks to you and this challenge I have never felt so much healthier physically, mentally & emotionally. I went from taken tons of prescription and over the counter meds to absolutely nothing! I lost a total of 6lbs. I know it's not much but I was happier with the inches I lost and the overall way I feel & look. I've never felt this way about myself."

Anne P.

"I have been doing a program called Living Fit Club, which incorporates Young Living products with online wellness coach, Jihan Thomas. (And an awesome FB group) So I have to tell you.... I FEEL THE BEST I HAVE EVER FELT! And I am no stranger to a nutrient dense lifestyle! But the best part is that there are NO calorie restrictions!! And that is new to me. I am eating Tons of fruit now!! (By choice and that's not all I am eating! Just a nutritious raw food choice) And losing lots of weight!!! It just goes to show you that "traditional wisdom" of fruit being too high in sugar for weight loss is absolute BS!!!

And yes weight loss is awesome, but that's not the best part. This program is all encompassing for healing your body, which heals your mind and emotional state. Built in into the program is how to build the life you want!!! I feel POSITIVE and vibrant ALL THE TIME! It's like a fog has been lifted off my brain. I have released my negative thoughts. There is a drastic change in my emotional health. I have clarity and focus! I am just blown away!! And it's kept real simple!! I want you to know what this feels like!"


"I lost 10.2 lbs when it was said and done (in 30 days). I also lost 10.5” — 4” off my waist (!), 1” off my bust (don’t cry, guys), 1” around my rib cage, a whopping 3” around my saddlebags (!!!) and 1.5” off my “violin hips” (if you don’t know what that is don’t worry about it, you’re lucky it’s not relevant to you ha!).

During the first 2 weeks of the program I had STREP throat and didn’t exercise at all. The last 2 weeks I’ve probably exercised about 4x total. So I definitely didn’t do the exercises and I can only imagine how much more awesome my results would be if I had.

It’s about progress, NOT PERFECTION! And I made some killer progress this month. I am so happy!"

Amy J.

"I have had FOUR people in the last WEEK tell me I look thinner than usual. And another lady asked me tonight if I had lost a little bit of weight! Yaaaaaaaassssss! I started Living Fit Club on Dec 31 so I'm 23 days into their 30 day program. I'm not saying it was easy to give up coffee and sugar and most breads for 30 days but it's definitely working. I'm eating whole foods only, Lemon Ginger water ONLY, unlimited fruits and veggies, exercising 15 min a day at home (canceled my gym membership on 12/31 after 3 years) and completing my Design your Life journal through this program. I'm sooooooo happy! I'm learning I have self discipline that I didn't think I had. I am designing the life that I WANT to live and the life I dream about! So many amazing things happening. I'm so motivated! NO I'M NOT BRAGGING. I'M PROUD OF MYSELF! I'm going to keep meal prepping even after this challenge is over. I'm definitely keeping these good habits. I love it!"