The Challenges

Countdown To Next Refocus. Redesign. Reset. - January 6th - All other programs continual

These are simple, fun programs designed to help you increase your level of wellness, fitness, improved mental outlook, energy and overall success — all within a supportive community environment. Many programs only focus on fitness, however, our goal is to help you get fit inside and out — without sacrificing your health. Most importantly, it starts where you’re at.


At the end of 30 days, you will have a whole new understanding of your body, food, mind, life, and more. THIS challenge changes the way you see things. Oh… and you’ll lose weight, too, if you need to. That just sort of goes with the territory.

Products Needed: 30 day supply of Young Living shakes, 2 boxes NITRO, 2-4 bottles NingXia Red, 1 box Master Formula


Not ready for 30 Days? No problem. Give 10 Days CLEAN program a shot. You can follow the convenient checklist in your customized activity tracker and will get full access to all of Living Fit Club’s recipes, workouts, and lifestyle lessons as well.

Products Needed: 10 day supply of Young Living shakes, 1 box of NITRO, 1 bottle NingXia Red


Just want to get your feet wet? Try out Young Living’s 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse which facilitates gentle and effective ways to improve your overall health. Track your progress through our system will full access to recipes, workouts, and lifestyle lessons.

Products Needed: 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse Kit from Young Living


We don’t want to leave you hanging! After you’ve finished the 30 Day RESET, you can continue by going into another RESET program or do The Next 30 program. The Next 30 will help you stay on track and continue your wellness progression.

Products Needed: You’ll know….

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Take Photos

Take your “Before” photos. You’ll be happy you did this after you see the amazing results of your program journey.

Get Started

Let the reprogramming begin! Time to get healthy, burn fat, increase strength, and kick butt!


Each program allows you to form teams with five members on each team. This makes it more fun and brings more support and accountability into the picture! You do not have to be on a team to participate in any of the programs.

Create a Team OR Join a Team

You have the option to create your own team, name it, and invite members to participate with you in any program. Why go it alone when you can have some healthy competition as a group?

If you do not want to create your own team, you have the option to join someone else’s team. You will just need their team number. No worries, there are always people looking for team members.

Point Tracking. There is a point tracking system built into each program that will calculate your progress on all activities. We will also be able to tally the points for each team as a whole.

Team Prizes. Team Prizes will be given to the team with the highest points after the 30 Day RESET. Only 5 members on teams will count towards total team points!

Individual Prizes. Individual Prizes will be given to members who send in their picture and story of transformation. This is not calculated by points or weight loss. It’s more about the story and one winner will be chosen after each 30 Day RESET.



Once you have completed a 30 Day RESET program, you can be eligible to be a Team Coach. There’s a 6th position open on each team for the coaches. Coaches will not have their points count towards team points BUT will win a prize if their team wins the 30 Day RESET. A Team Coach can have several teams that they are helping to support. The Coach’s job is to cheer their team members on, answer questions, and add an extra layer of accountability and support.



There is a member-exclusive Facebook group that all members will have access to once you are registered for this site. Instructions on how to gain access the group is right on the Activity Tracker page when you sign in. If you are part of a team, you will also be able to communicate with your team from right within our system without being on Facebook. Only you and your team members can see your posts from within our system.